Bulk import AND enroll users

We've seen already how account admins can add users to the system (both individually and in bulk), and how, once added, they can enrol users on courses. In this article we'll look at how to action both steps in one go - a function of an auto-enrol group.

Auto-enrol Groups

An auto-enrol group is a group that also has one or more courses added to it. For example, having scrolled down from within the NA Dev Group example below, we see that the group currently contains zero users. It does, however, reference two courses that have been associated with this group in the Auto-enrol courses pane.


With auto-enrol courses added to the group, whenever users are added to the group, they are also automatically enrolled on all of the associated auto-enrol courses.

In previous articles we've seen how the Add Members and Import Users buttons can be used to add and import users to the account and to groups within the account. To add users and enrol them on courses in one action, navigate to the group with the desired auto-enrol courses, then use the Add Members or Import Users buttons to add users to the group. With auto-enrol courses associated with the group, all users added to the group will also automatically be added to the auto-enrol courses.