Account metrics

The system tracks and displays learning progress accross the whole account. Account metrics enable you and your organisation's managers to...

View the overall course mastery of the organization, including...
  • a breakdown of mastery by chapter, showing the organization's strengths and weaknesses by topic.
  • account-level reports that can be easily imported into spreadsheet apps like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
View the course progress of each individual, including...
  • certifications, badges, and awards.
  • a breakdown of individual mastery by chapter, showing the individual's strengths and weaknesses by topic.
  • a summary of each exercise attempted by the individual.
  • a detailed history / performance record for each exercise attempted by the individual.
View the course progress of groups within the organization.

View overall course mastery of team

As account manager or as any user in your account who has been given the Executive role, you can view overall course mastery for the account from Metrics > All Courses. The table lists the courses in which the account has enrolled users, showing for each the number of users, a combined percentage mastery, and the number of certifications.


The chart gives a hig-level dashboard view of how your organisation as a whole is progressing.

Clicking any course in the table drills down into more detailed account level metrics for the course


Scroll down for a user-performance league table - a great way to identify high achievers and those not doing so well!

The table can be sorted by column, showing...

  • who has mastered the most / least.
  • who has / has not completed the course.
  • Who is / is not certified.
  • Who has the highest / lowest score.
  • Who has the most / least points.
  • Who has spent the most / least time in the course.


Note how the course metrics can also be exported as a CSV file for further analysis.

View course progress of individuals

Clicking any user's metrics chart in the User Progress Summary table displays the individual user's course metrics, including...

  • Overall progress.
  • Certifications, badges, and awards.
  • A breakdown of mastery by chapter, showing the individual's strengths and weaknesses by topic.
  • A summary of each exercise attempted by the individual, showing...
  • The percentage mastery for the exercise.
  • The exercise score - the percentage of correct answers v. incorrect answers.
  • The number of attempts made on this exercise, including the number of hints taken by the user.
  • The average amount of time taken on each exercise attempt.


The system also exposes a detailed history / performance for each exercise attempted. Clicking any Attempts link displays the individual exercise history.


View course progress of groups

Clicking Jump down to the account's group summary displays a league table of the account's groups and their relative performance for this course. Each group can be opened to view the league table of user performance within the group.