Corporate Testimonials

NDT Global

"I can whole-heartedly recommend Calibrae"

Photograph of Chris McNulty

Chris MacNulty
Head of Talent Development. Republic of Ireland
NDT Global

We found that the Calibrae LMS really meets our needs. The system is easy to use, and we can target training programs to specific groups or to the whole enterprise.

What we like in particular is the ease of creating training courses. Our subject matter experts are able within minutes to start creating content.The quality of learning made available through the Calibrae LMS enables us to run our professional certification requirements and these are now being automated in Calibrae.

I can easily report on training impact using the range and depth of metrics.

I would like to also mention that the team has taken our feedback on-board and have been able to make tweaks and changes as needs arise. I have a lot of experience in e-learning design and blended learning and the Calibrae LMS helps me deliver a great learning experience.

I can whole-heartedly recommend Calibrae.

They adopted Calibrae as their LMS in 2019, starting with 25% of their worldwide workforce, before scaling to the global team in 2020. They now have over 80 courses and assessments on the LMS. The Calibrae LMS is integral to their upskilling and assessment of the workforce. Their certification programmes are also built on the LMS

A global enterprise IP communications enterprise

"It advances our engineers ahead of the curve to better support our customers and business partners..."

Jenn Alexander
Business Manager. USA

Working with Calibrae is a great overall experience.

The platform as an administrator is easy to work with anduser friendly.

Our Company renews this membership every year as the learners and managers find the delivery mechanism very helpful and informative.

The platform enables us to deliver deep technical content that is a core requirement in our business. It advances our engineers ahead of the curve to better support our customers and business partners with their requirements.

CareAR, a Xerox company

"a massive help to our learning & enablement, both to our internal teams and our external partners"

Carly Kroll
Director of Learning & Enablement

The Calibrae tool has been a massive help to our learning and enablement, both to our internal teams and our external partners. We can create multiple learning tracks through the LMS, offer certifications, and carefully track users' progress.

The Calibrae team is extremely helpful in guiding users like me to navigate the tool. They empowered me to be able to make my own content, and they also offered services to polish existing content for our courses.

I highly recommend this tool and company to any team looking to have a high impact on enabling their teams. The user-friendly crisp interface sets this apart from other LMS I've used in the past.

Jake and the team at Pursuit Translations use Calibrae to ensure that their collective competence is up-to-date and aligned. Watch to find out why.

Celtic Manor Resort

"Great flexibility... Simple, but effective e-learning..."

Tracy Israel
Head of Learning & Development. UK
Celtic Manor Resort

Celtic Manor Resort

Celtic Manor Resort uses Calibrae Learning for all its employee on-boarding processes and bespoke e-learning offering with great success.

The platform offers us great flexibility to create simple but effective e-learning which is very well-received by our new and existing staff. The L&D team find it simple to implement with a course being up and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

The ability to provide bespoke learning experiences to our teams – with tangible, reportable results for management – is of great benefit.

It allows us to blend the learning we offer to our staff via ‘Celtic College’, using the courses either in isolation or as part of a wider programme. For example, we embed a number of bite-sized Calibrae e-learning into our Leadership & Management programmes – interspersing the more traditional workshop sessions with these learner-driven modules. Calibrae offers us the ability to push out interim assignments and tests to encourage the learners to self-test as well as demonstrate their learning to the trainer.

Fundamental to the platform’s overall success for Celtic Manor Resort is the outstanding support provided by the Calibrae Learning team. The online messaging service provides nearly immediate access to help and support – whether as an administrator or end-user. When there is not an immediate answer (which is rare) the support process is smooth with updates provided on a regular basis right through to resolution.

Additionally, where certain functionality isn’t in place within the platform, the support team are always keen to work with us to build in whatever is needed to meet the requirements. Calibrae Learning always offer solutions.

The Celtic Manor Resort wholeheartedly recommend Calibrae Learning to organisations that are considering the product for their e-learning provision and would be very happy to discuss the product with prospective customers.

Compass Nursing Arts

"Happy to recommend Calibrae"

Kathy Anderson

Kathy A. Anderson, RN, BSN
Owner and Program Coordinator. USA
Compass Nursing Arts

Logo for compass CNA

I am happy to recommend Calibrae Training. Our nurse aide training program in Colorado moved to the Calibrae system several years ago. We discovered that it was so much more flexible than our previous online program. When we have had questions, customer service was helpful and quick in responding.

Recently when COVID-19 government training regulations were changing daily, the Calibrae system allowed us to easily make changes with no disruption to our business.


"Easy to use... Worked well for our budget"

Photo of Helen Baldwin

Helen Baldwin
Group HR Director. UK

Inspirtec logo

Just over two years ago we were looking for a learning management system to centralise our internal training content. We selected the Calibrae platform as we have found the platform easy to use and it provided a pricing model that worked well for our training budget. The Calibrae team were on hand to help us to get started and supported us to tailor content for our needs which was very important to us.

We have recently started to develop our training content for our customers which is an exciting development for us and during this period we have been provided with prompt support and expert guidance from the team including a small, custom development to the Calibrae functionality which was appreciated.

At all times I have found the Calibrae team to be supportive and totally professional and I would, therefore, be very happy to recommend the Calibrae platform.

Trainer Testimonials


"Very intuitive... Breadth and depth of tools"

Photo of Alison Gray

Alison Gray
Director. UK

Photo of Alison teaching

We are a training company providing in-person training and around 2 years ago we wanted to develop our training offer to include blended and online training programmes. We were new to using eLearning products and the whole platform was very intuitive and easy to use so we were able to get started straight away.

When we first started we just wanted something that would work immediately but as we developed our online offer we realised we needed more from an eLearning platform and it was then that we really started to appreciate the breadth and depth of the tools available on Calibrae.

The Calibrae team have been brilliant to work with, super-responsive and supportive, they've talked us through how to develop our skills and knowledge of the platform, showed us new developments and explained how we can apply them. We've been very impressed with the Calibrae platform and are happy with the whole experience of working with the team.

We are very happy to recommend.


"Trusting and productive partnership"

Karen Dean

Karen Dean
Founder. UK

Logo for me:my teams

In working with Calibrae we have formed a trusting and productive partnership. They have been creative and proactive in supporting us to realise our vision on their platform.

They have been very responsive and professionally available, especially when we have needed guidance or assistance. We value the opportunities which working with the Calibrae team has enabled for our organisation.

They are knowledgeable and experienced in the breadth of their offering. This ensures a refreshing approach which is ultimately fit for purpose.

ASK Europe

"Great flexibility... Simple, but effective e-learning..."

Photo of Alex Speed

Alex Speed
Managing Director. UK
ASK Europe

ASK logo

We were previously using a different LMS, which whilst it ticked many of our boxes, was not very user friendly from an admin perspective. We were hugely impressed with how easy it is to create and work with courses on the Calibrae platform and that was a big factor in our decision to migrate.

Aligned to that was the support we receive from the team. No issue is too big. We love the creative process of collaborating with a true partner to adapt the platform to meet our needs. The Calibrae team have supported all of our change requests which in turn delights our clients.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Calibrae to anyone seeking an LMS partner, as with the Calibrae team partnership is most definitely what you get!

Clarity Consulting

"Incredibly supportive and professional"

Photo of Giles Male

Giles Male

Clairty Consulting

We built a financial modelling training course on the Calibrae platform in 2019, and from the first interaction, the Calibrae team have been incredibly supportive and professional with us.

The platform works seamlessly for our students, and we are consistently getting positive feedback and, just as importantly for us, we have a very high pass rate for our students in the official modelling exam we put them through once they have completed all of our course content.

We would be more than happy to recommend the Calibrae platform and team.

Crisol Translations

"Platform is super user-friendly..."

Photo of Maria

María Scheibengraf
Director. UK

Crisol Translations image

I chose Calibrae as the platform to deliver our first online course and I’m so glad I did. Calibrae’s team made it super easy to do everything ourselves and were always prompt to support us when we encountered any difficulties, making their customer service simply fantastic.

The platform is super user-friendly and many of our course students have complimented it.

We are planning to launch a new course soon and Calibrae will be our partner once again!

Flowers School of Technology & Management

"Trusting and productive partnership"

Photo of Felix

Felix Afeti
CIO & Project Team Lead. West Africa
Flowers School of Technology & Management

Image of truck designed by Flowers  School of Technology

Covid-19 pandemic created the havoc but Calibrae emerged as the new haven. As a training institution, Flowers School of Technology and Management (Ghana) quickly adapted to take our classrooms fully to the platform.

Calibrae is faster, interactive, available of good content learning material, fair exam-taking online and more. I will ever recommend Calibrae as the ultimate online classroom for all levels of academic institutions, trainers, organisations and anybody with the quest to learn anything online.

Tinzley Bradford: "Don't settle for anything but the best!"

Tinzley Bradford, an expert coach, author and public speaker has encapsulated her expertise in an online course. Hear Tinzley enthuse about her experience with Calibrae!