Create a video to use in an article or assignment (computer)

Adding a video message or instruction to an article or assignment activity really brings life to the learner experience. Making a video from your computer to include in your teaching articles and assignment instructions is simple.

  • Open your computer's camera app. Windows 10 has a good camera app called Camera
  • Switch the camera to video mode
  • When ready, start recording.

The camera app records the video image and audio as a video file.


When done...

  • Stop recording
  • Open the folder to locate the new video file


Now either upload the video file as an upload activity or add it to your Youtube channel and embed the link.

Uploading and linking to YouTube

  • If you don't already have one, create a YouTube channel to store your videos. It's straight forward - follow these steps.


The video will then be uploaded to your channel. Be sure to mark it as Unlisted so that it will not be discoverable by browsing YouTubers.

You are now ready to copy the video's URL or share code and paste it as an Embed Media from External Sites video in any text area. See the How to add video to articles & text areas lesson.


An alternative to creating your video on your computer, is to create your video directly on Youtube. Click here to find out how.

Top Tip

Make your videos short and focussed. It's a better user experience to view multiple short videos than one longer video.