How to schedule live webinars

Whilst videos, articles, and presentations are great for delivering content to the learner, for some things you just can’t beat a live class webinar with a live instructor. Calibrae gives you great tools to schedule live classes (face-to-face or webinar) as part of your course. In this guide we'll cover...

  • Class activities
  • Class events
  • How to add a class activity
  • How to add class activity details
  • How to schedule class events
  • How to edit a class event
  • How to make a class activity span multiple sessions
  • How do I see who will attend?
  • What does the leaner see?

Classes are comprised of two components - class activities and class events.

Class activities

A class activity describes the purpose and nature of a live class - the topics covered, learning outcomes, required resources, etc. It does not describe when and where the class will be held, or who will teach it.  Class activities live in modules - alongside video, article & presentation activities. It is through these types of activities that content is delivered to the learner, and it is the sequence of these activities that determine the order of learning.


Once a class activity is added and positioned in the course, the next step is to schedule some class events for each activity.

Class events

Classes are typically scheduled repeatedly over time, perhaps delivered in different locations by different instructors. Class events are for scheduling classes, and for logistics - when and where the class will be held and who will teach the class.  With a number of class events scheduled for each class activity, learners can sign up for the class that best suits their schedule. They can even check class availability before enrolling in a course.


In short, class activities determine the content delivered in the class and where it fits in the sequence of learning, whilst class events determine the schedule – when and where the class will be held, who will deliver the class, and who will attend.

How to add a class activity

1. Go to the Content tab of your course page. From within the module in which you’d like to include the class, click + Activity.

2. Click Live Class from the menu.

3. Enter initial details of the class activity: title, description, etc.

4. Click Create.


How to add content to / edit a class activity?

General information can be added to the class activity, such as the purpose and nature of the class, the topics covered, learning outcomes, required resources, etc. Don't include information regarding when and where the class will be held, or who will teach it - those details will be added to each class event.

1. Click to edit the class activity from the list of activities.

2. From the Live Class edit page, add or update any class details.

3. Remember to Save when done.


How to schedule a class event?

1. From the Live Class edit page, click Class Schedule for the Scheduled Classes table from where all class events for this class activity will be listed.

2. Click Schedule a class.

3. Enter details for the new class event.

4. Click Create.


How do I edit a class event?

1. Click the date of the scheduled class event.

2. Change the event details.

3. Click Save.


Note that in this current release, signed-up users will not be automatically notified of any change in event date. It’s on our list of things to do!

Can I make a class event span more than 1 session?

Sure. No problem.

1. From the Edit Class activity page, use the Duration / Schedule notes field to describe general details, such as number / nature of sessions that comprise the class.

2. From the Edit Class Event page, use the Schedule details field to provide the specifics of the class event sessions.

How do I see scheduled class events for my site?

Click Live Classes from the admin nav bar. The Live Class page appears, listing all class events for all courses belonging to your site. Note the reservations column that shows how many students have signed up for the event, compared to the number of available places.


How do I see who will attend?

To view attendees for any event, click the link in the Reservations column. The Class Event page appears. All logistical details are presented, including the names and contact details of those signed up to attend

What does the learner see?

From the Course catalog…

A list of class activities is shown in the course catalog, including for each class the schedule of forthcoming class events. This allows students to view class availability prior to enrollment on a course.


From the course…

All of the course's classes are listed in one place in the Live Classes tab of the learner dashboard, giving the learner easy access to class schedules and class booking.



From the user menu…

A list of all class events that the student has booked is shown, including links to google maps for address-type locations.