Course Evaluations and Surveys

Surveys are a great way to collect feedback, including course evaluations from learners. In this article we'll look at how to easily embed surveys from popular survey tools like Survey Monkey and Google Forms as part of your course and presented as part of the learner journey.


Embed a third-party evaluation

There are many great, feature rich evaluation tools, some free, that can easily be embedded as an evaluation activity in the course... Survey Monkey, Google Forms, Smart Survey and Pollfish, for example.

Step 1. Create a survey

Create a survey in your favourite survey tool, perhaps Google Forms.


Step 2. Embed the survey as an activity in the course

Head over to your Calibrae course, and from the course content tab, add an activity of type Web Content.


Copy the URL of your live survey and paste it in the new Web Content pane, then Create.


The learner experience

Switching to learner view, you'll see how the survey is now integrated as an activity in the course. The learner does not need to leave your course to take provide evaluation.


Reviewing feedback

Data from the embeded survey is collected by the survey tool as normal. Go to the survey tool's results page to see the data.