How to make and use a Youtube video

YouTube provides a nice tool for creating videos online, directly from your YouTube account.

If you don't already have one, create a YouTube channel to store your videos. It's straight forward - follow these steps. Note that YouTube may take 24 hours to enable your GoLive capability.

From your channel...

  • Create
  • Go live. Don't worry - no one on the internet will see you!
  • Enter a title, Eg Welcome 23/04/2020
  • Set as Unlisted
  • Smile for a video title image
  • Click Go Live to begin recording yourself
  • When done, click End Stream


If you'd like to make some edits to your recording, note YouTube's basic video editor. It's very useful when there are bits you'd like to cut out!


Once done, your recording will appear in your list of videos, either in the Live tab if you have not edited, or the Uploads tab if you have edited and saved.

You are now ready to copy the video's URL or share code and paste it as an Embed Media from External Sites video in any text area.


An alternative to creating your video on Youtube, is to create your video directly on your computer. Click here to find out how.