Workshop Reminders

Calibrae has great tools to remind workshop participants of an approaching webinar. You can use the tools to...

  • Set reminders to automatically be sent before an instructor-led session
  • Set as many reminders as you'd like - E.g., 3 days before, and again 1 day before
  • Manually trigger a one-off, non-scheduled reminder at any time
  • Users will be reminded via email and notification bell in their training portal
  • Customize reminder email
  • Easily track reminders
  • See which users have received and opened their reminders

Blended Learning

Many organisations use to deliver self-paced online learning, blended with a mix of instructor-led training. Once learners have covered the necessary preliminary material in their own time and at their own pace, they can book themselves onto any of the scheduled instructor-led class sessions. This makes it convenient to use your most costly assets - your instructors - to deliver the content that is not as easily digested in a digital training format, or that benefits from an instructor being available.

Setting Automated Reminders makes it easy to enable learners to get prompted about sessions that they've booked with customizable notifications! Of course, you can also still do things like award a certificate for attending a workshop, and enforce a booking threshold on your instructor-led session, but this post will explain how to use the new reminders feature.

To set a reminder, access the Reminders widget on the class edit page, and click Add reminder notification .

Image 1.png

As prompted, specify the number of days before a session that the reminder should be sent out.

Image 3.png

Configure as many reminders as you like.

Image 4.png

And that's it! As a session approaches, will automatically ensure that your users are notified at the correct time via email, and through their notification bell in the navigation bar.

Image 5.png

Customize Reminders

In most situations, the default notification email should do the job.

Image 7.png

If you'd prefer to customise the email reminder, just click to view the reminders summary for either the class, or one of its scheduled sessions.

Image 8.png

Next, click to Preview the existing template or to Customize it.

Image 9.png

Use the editor to configure the reminder email - including its content, any images used and subject line!

Image 10.png

Some content can vary from user-to-user and session-to-session. You can automatically add placeholders for items such as the user's name, their account, or the session that they are being notified about. These are set using the Select interpreted string widget. Just choose the required content, and the click Insert variable.

Image 11.png

Manually Triggering Reminders

Ocassionally, you may wish to trigger reminders for a session to be sent out immediately - without waiting for a scheduled reminder to be activated. This can even be done if you have no scheduled reminders configured for a class. Simply select a future class session from the schedule in the activity editor.

Image 12.png

Next to the Email class button in the attendees panel, click to Send reminders now.

Image 13.png

The attendees widget also summarizes when reminders are due to be sent out for the selected session, as will as providing a link through to the summary of reminders sent for the selected session.

Reminders for a particular session may also be sent from the reminders summary page for that session (see below).

Image 14.png

Tracking Reminders

Sometimes it's helpful to understand when reminders have been sent out, and inspect who has received a reminder. Reminder summaries are available for specific class sessions, as well as the class as a whole - listing all the reminders sent for all sessions of that class.

From the class edit page, just click the number of reminders indicator in the Reminders widget.

Image 8.png

Need to know about a specific class session? On the session summary page, just click the number of reminders sent.

Image 14.png

The summary allows you to quickly see which users received reminders and when they received them. You'll also notice that you can see which users have received and opened their reminder emails - pretty useful for taking out the guess work! If needed - you can also click to drill down into the copy of the email that users have been sent.

Image 16.png

Want to learn more?

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