How to create and schedule instructor-led classes

There are a number of steps to create an instructor-led class delivery of a course. In this article we'll walk through those steps.

1. Choose the course that will be delivered in the class

The chosen course will contain the learning activities the cohort will study, including perhaps preparatory pre-class activities, activities delivered by the instructor, and activities that learners can access after the class delivery is complete. If the course does not yet exist, first create a course and populate it with the activities that will delivered before, during and perhaps after the class.

From the list of available courses, open the course admin page and navigate to the Classes tab.


Use the +Schedule Class button to create a new class. A wizzard will appear to guide you through the process.

2. Choose a plan with the required duration and class fee

Choose the number of days that learners will have access to the class and its course content by chosing a price plan with the required duration. The chosen plan should also reflect the fee that will be charged to learners on enrollment.


If a plan with the desired duration and price does not exist, use the Create New Plan button to create a plan to suit your requirements.

Before choosing or creating a plan it will be useful to understand how plans are used:

  • Course plans include a duration - the total number of days that learners are permitted access to course materials.  Note that the plan does not contain a start date and end date - it determines only the number of permitted days access to course materials. Once enrolled on a self-paced course, learners are permitted access to course materials from the date of enrollment through to the given number of days after enrollment.
  • Whilst this works well for self-paced courses, more detail is required for scheduling instructor-led class deliveries, including...
  • The date on which learners are permitted access to course materials, perhaps for pre-class study to prepare for receiving instruction during the class.
  • The date and time the instructor will begin teaching - the date on which learners come and meet with the instructor, either on line or in person
  • The date on which the live instruction finishes, after which learners no longer have access to the classroom or instructor
  • The date on which learners no longer have access to online course materials.
  • Be sure to choose or create a plan for the class that includes a duration of the total number of days between initial pre-class access and final post class access - points 1 to 4 above. For example, for ...
  • a 4 day instructor-led class that offers pre-class access to course materials for 5 days before class delivery and post-class access to course materials for a further 10 days after class delivery, the required total plan duration will be 4 + 5 + 10 = 19 days.
  • a 3 day instructor-led class that offers 0 days pre-class access and 30 days post-class access, the required total plan duration will be 0 + 3 + 30 = 33 days.

3. Set class duration and access before and after class

Next, decide how the plan's total number of days will be used:


First set the class delivery duration - the number of days the instructor will deliver the class.


Next, if applicable, set the number of days the learner will have pre-class access to the online course materials. Note how the number of days of post-class access is automatically updated, so that the total number of days always matches the duration of the selected plan.


4. Set the class start date and time

Set the date and time of when the instructor-led class session will begin.


Note how the class end date and the pre-class and post-class access dates are calculated automatically from the previous settings.

5. Set class details

Next enter details about the class delivery, including a title for the class, a location, the required number of breakout rooms and the maximum number of participants. You can also choose which instructors will be assigned to teach this class.



Note how the default class location is the built-in Calibrae webinar room. You also have the option to use a third party web-conferencing service, such as Zoom or Teams, or to use a physical location - perhaps a live training facility or a board room in the office. TFor an alternative location, use the Choose your own button, then enter either

  • the URL of your third-party online conference room - use the Access details field to provide any password credentials, or
  • the street address of the physical training facility.

Breakout Rooms

Calibrae Webinar rooms offer break-out rooms through which instructors can ask remote learners to meet in smaller groups - something that may be useful for collaboration type activities during the class. The instructor can switch between breakout rooms to spend time with each group.

Max size

To limit the maximum number of enrollments on this class, set the Max size. The system will limit the number of places through which learners can self-enrol on this class.


Once assigned, instructors will receive an email notifying them of the class assignment. The email includes a calender invite through which instructors can add the class event to their calendars.

6. Check details and save

Finally, check the details and Save Class. If needed, use the Back to previous step link to make updates.


The class is then listed with other class deliveries of this course.


Repeat the steps above to schedule additional class deliveries of this course. The system remembers details entered from the previous class, speeding up the class scheduling process.

If Learner Self Enrollment is enabled, the class is also listed in your Course Catalogue, ready for learners to discover and self enrol.


In the next article, we'll look at how to manage the class.