Instructor Tools

The Calibrae platform provides some useful tools and workflows to facilitate instructor logistics. In this article we'll introduce the instructor tools and workflows.

Instructor email and calendar invite

Once assigned to teach an instructor-led class, instructors receive an automated email notifying them of the assignment. The email also contains a calendar link through which class events can be added to the instructor's calendar.


The email also contains links through which the instructor can...

Manage the class

The instructor has access to the class admin page, through which he/she can view the list of enrolled learners, send update emails to the enrolled learners, print a class sign-in sheet, and award certificates to the group.


Manage the course content

Instructors can view and edit the course activities that will be delivered in this class delivery.


Note: these course activites are common to all class deliveries of the course. Any changes made to this course by an instructor will apply to all class deliveries of the course.

Access the class virtual classroom

Instructors can also enter their virtual classroom at any point, before, during or after the live delivery. Virtual classrooms are specific to a class delivery, meaning that if multiple classes are scheduled simultaneously, each class has its own sand-boxed virtual classroom and webinar rooms.

It is envisaged that instructors will teach the class from the its virtual classroom, taking learners on a journey through the sequence of activities. The course delivery may include...

  • Presentation type activities that the instructor presents to / discusses with learners
  • Individual assignment exercise activities
  • Group work with collaborative exercises, perhaps using the class breakout rooms
  • An exam

Instructors may wish to explore the virtual classroom and familiarise themselves with the layout and tools prior to delivering a class. On the left, the virtual classroom displays the sequence of activities the instructor will share with the cohort.


Clicking an activity displays the activity content in the main panel. If presenting to the class, the instructor will typically either share their computer screen if presenting remotely, or project it to a big screen if meeting in person.


From time to time, instructors may ask learners to work through activities independently, or in small groups.

On the right of the main screen is information about when the teaching part of the class is due to begin, plus a button to access the virtual classroom's webinar rooms.

Once in the webinar room, when needed, both instructor and learners can at any time switch between break out rooms for group work or discussion.


Finding my classes within Calibrae

Finally, note how instructors and learners have a My Schedule option in their user menu through which they can view and access their classes and workshops.