How to view competency metrics

Having created your competency frameworks, and having assessed each employee,  the competencies dashboard displays data from which management can identify strengths and weakness and make informed decisions about training and development priorities.


In this example, the default dashboard shows that for the Management framework...

  • There are two competencies
  • Communication
  • 69 behaviours have been awarded so far
  • Leading for high performance
  • 21 behaviours have been awarded so far
  • 90 behaviours have been awarded altogether
  • In the previous 3 months, the workforce has developed their skills and abilities considerably
  • Level 1 awards have increased from 18 to 30
  • Level 2 awards have increased from 14 to 23
  • Level 3 awards have increased from 13 to 21
  • Level 4 awards have increased from 6 to 16

Drilling down further into a particular competency...


...we see the numbers of awards for each level and for each statement, as well as the awards given over time. 

Management now have access to data that reflects the combined workforce behaviours and skills levels. They can use the data to identify strengths and weaknesses - perhaps to recognise a skills gap - the company needs more staff exhibiting level 2 communication skills.

These insights empower management to target training, development and perhaps recruitment in the most needed areas.