How to assess employee competencies

Having created your competency frameworks, the next step is to assess each individual employee, comparing their behaviours and abilities against the relevent competency statements. Assessments can by conducted by the individual them self, by the line manager, or perhaps both together through discussion.

1. Access the individual's competency profile

A line manager accesses the employee's competency profile from home page > Groups you manage > select the team > select the team member > Development > Competency Profile


2. Open the relevent competency

Navigate to the relevent competency and open a framework. By default, the Level 1 statements are displayed first.

3. Review statements and assess competency

Review each statement from the framework and, perhaps after discussion, decide if the employee already exhibits the behaviour or ability.

For example, the manager and employ may discuss the question "Is Erin accountable for her own work and does she accept responsibility when deadlines are missed or work is below set standards?"


Where the employee exhibits the behaviour or ability, toggle the Not yet button to the Yes state.

Repeat the process, reviewing each statement and comparing to the individual's behaviours and abilities to the given descriptions.



Where all behaviours and abilities within level 1 are exhibited, the employee will be shown to be opperating at level 1.

Next, click level 2 to view level 2 statements and assess the employee against those statements. Repeat the process of assessing the employee against the competency descriptions. At some point, it will become apparent that the employee does not currently exhibit a behaviour or ability. Leave such statements marked as Not yet.


The system now knows at which level the employee is operating in regard to each relevant competency. In the example above, Erin is currently operating at level 1 in Research Accountability and is working towards level 2. To achieve level 2, the remaining behaviour for her to achieve is  'Work on developing and implementing internal controls... ' - something she may wish to address in a PDP.

Next steps

With the assessment complete, the employee may wish to focuss their PDP efforts on working towards the next level of competency. When creating a target in her next PDP, Erin has the option to link to a competency that she is currently working towards. Then, when creating a task within the target, Erin has the option to link the task to a behaviour statement.


At some point in the future, it may be that during a formal PDP review meeting, Erin has completed the task. On marking the task as complete, and with the system knowing the task is linked to a behaviour statement, an option is presented to formally award the behaviour.


If awarded, navigating back to the employee's Competency Profile, we see that the behaviour has automatically been updated.


Management Dashboard

The data from each individual's assessment is then collated and fed into the competency dashboard, from where management identify strengths and weakness and make informed decisions about training and development priorities.