How to create and monitor corporate targets

An important function of many company's CPD programmes is to have employees create PDP's that focus on the needs of the company, as well as the needs of the individual. In this article we'll look at how company managers create and publish company targets, with a view to employees then crafting their individual PDPs to show how they will play their part in acheiving the company goal. We'll also look at how company managers can then view their dashboard and track progress towards accomplishment over time.

1. Create a company target

Management users (those with admin or executive roles) can create company targets: home page > toggle to Admin view > Targets tab > + Add target

Give each target a title and a description. Once saved, the company target will be listed in the targets table...


... as well as being displayed when employees create their PDPs, ready for them to select and associate with their PDP. 


2. Track company target progress metrics

Managers can monitor the number of individual targets that have been set by employees to support each company target. They can also track progress towards accomplishment over time: home page > toggle to Admin view > Targets tab

The table of company targets serves as a high level dashboard, showing for each target...

  • the number of PDP targets that have been set so far by individual employees
  • a bar chart comparing how many of those PDP targets are currently either
  • accomplished or on target to be accomplished, or
  • have concerns or are considered to be stalled


The target dashboard data informs management regarding the level of company target adoption, and indicates how many of those plans are on target compared to those that have issues.

For more detailed data on each target, click the options arrow next to the target. The expanded view shows...

  • the number of tasks that employees have set themselves relating to this company target
  • a full break down of progress: how many of those tasks are...
  • Accomplished
  • On target
  • Have concerns
  • Are stalled
  • Are not yet reviewed
  • a line chart showing the number of PDPs in each state over time. At the start of the cycle, management will hope to see many PDP plans in the on target state. Then over time, they will hope to see a transition into the accomplished state as employees begin achieving individual success. Managers will hope to see numbers of plans with concerns or stalled at a minimum.


Scrolling down, managers also see a list of the actual targets set by employees throughout the company, enabling them to make judgements on the relevance of the targets.

With this data to hand, management are empowered to take action where needed, perhaps to congratulate the company when things are going well, or initiate interventions when progress is limited.