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Calibrae has a built-in webinar service for live teaching and conversing with pupils. The webinar service can be used in a number of ways.

  • Class or small group work. The Teacher Quick Start  'Class webinar' lesson shows how to enable and access the webinar for class or group work.
  • One to one conversations.

In this article, we'll look at how to enable and access one-to-one conversations.

Check Video Chat is enabled

First, check with your school's site administrator that video chat has been enabled at the site level.

They will need to go to the Admin Dashboard > Site > Site tab, and scroll down to the Video Chat.


They will need to have checked the checkbox to enable video chat.

Initiate a video chat

To initiate a video...

1. Go to the messaging page...

go to messaging.png

2. Select the pupil with whom you would like to chat.

select user to message.png

The chat panel appears, including a button to upgrade the text chat session to a live video chat.

You may be text chatting with the pupil and spontaneously decide to upgrade to live video chat, or you may have previously arranged with a pupil to meet here together at a particular time. Either way, when ready...

3. Click the Join Video Chat button to enter the video chat room. (Note that entering the video chat room will not call the pupil. The pupil will need to also choose to enter the room.)

4. At the prompt, click to confirm you wish to join the webinar, and allow permissions for the webinar service to use your microphone and camera. Then click to Join meeting.

join voice chat.png

Once you and the pupil have entered the webinar meeting room, you will be able to see each other and converse. You'll also be able to use the webinar room's screen share tool.

One final thought...

Some teachers may prefer to use the classroom's built-in webinar room for one-to-one sessions, scheduling time with pupils to click the Join class webinar button from the virtual classroom at the given time - possibly a simpler workflow.

Join webinar from classroom.png

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