How to use a custom domain/URL for your Calibrae site. Configuring DNS

Out of the box, your Calibrae site is accessible through it's default site URL. Eg Your site can also be set up to be accessible through a domain that you own. Eg In this post, we'll look at the whys and hows of configuring your site to use a custom domain.

Why use your domain?

White labelling / corporate branding is a good reason. Using your own domain for your Calibrae site URL is an important part of providing a branded experience that focusses the user on your organisation, rather than Calibrae.

Also, any organisation colleagues that self-sign up to courses on your site with an email address belonging to your domain (eg will automatically be given the option of being joined to your organisation's account. This makes it easier to associate your colleague-signups with your organisation's account, rather than them having their own individual, unconnected accounts. Having colleagues in the same account enables the organisation to manage the team, including organising colleagues in groups, and viewing team metrics.

How to configure Calibrae to use your domain

Configuring Calibrae to use your domain is a four-step process.

Step 1

Make sure that you have a domain name. Eg Domains can be registered using services such as, and

Step 2

Update Calibrae with your domain. As Site Administrator, go to your Site admin page > Site tab and click the link to Register domain.


Click New Domain and enter your domain name. Click OK.


Calibrae then provides origin and target values. You'll need this information to update your Domain Name Service (DNS) settings.


Step 3

Update your DNS settings with the supplied origin and target details. Go to your domain administration tool (typically, a web interface provided by your domain name service provider) and add a TXT record with the unique origin and target details provided by Calibrae when you added a Domain to your account.

If you would like your training portal served from your domain, you must update your DNS settings to route internet traffic to the Calibrae servers. To do so

  • Add a CNAME record for your domain. It must resolve to:

If you would like your training portal served from a root domain (E.g.,, rather than a subdomain (E.g.,, and your DNS provider requires you to use an IP address for this purpose:

  • Use our platform IP address - found at: .
  • In the very rare event that our environment IP address changes, we will notify your designated site contact to inform them of the update.

DNS changes sometimes require time to propogate across the web. If you like, you can track DNS propagation at sites like

Step 4

After DNS has had time to propagate the new target throughout the service, pop back to your Calibrae site's Domains page and click Check now to verify propagation. Once propagated, the verified status will be updated. From this point onwards, your site will be accessible from your domain URL.


Step 5

Update your Site Domain to your newly verified domain.