I can't enable my microphone or camera in the Jitsi Webinar

Modern browsers are keen to keep their users safe and protect their security, particularly regarding to enabling unauthorised use of the device's camera and microphone. It may be that your browser has rememered a previous occassion where you denied a web page access to your camera and mcrophone, and is now also automatically denying access for the Jitsi webinar service. This article provides help to update Chrome and Safari to allow permission to for Jitsi to use the device's camera and microphone.


Check the security settings by clicking the padlock icon by the URL, then check the microcphone and camera settings. If Blocked, update to your preferred setting. The safest option is Ask, where the browser will ask you to allow permission each time a web page (like one that includes the Jitsi conferencing service) attempts to access the camera or microphone.


Apple's default browser, Safari, needs permission to access the device's camera and microphone. Apple's permissions are set in the Settings pane. To enable access...

- Go to Settings

- In the Settings pane, swipe down to Safari

- In Safari's settings, swipe down to Camera & Microphone Access

- then set the switch to allow.

Other browsers are likely to have settings through which permissions for web pages to gain access to the computer's camara and microphone are granted. Search online for browser specific instructions on how to configure your browser to grant permission to web pages to access the camera and microphone.