Webinars for group work

We have seen already how each virtual classroom has its own built-in webinar room for live teaching and class discussion. Calibrae also provides tools for creating additional webnar rooms that can be used for smaller group work or one-to-one interventions, perhaps with a teaching assisstant. In this article we'll look at how to create additional webinar rooms that can be used as breakout rooms for smaller groups or one-to-one sessions.

Additional webinar rooms are created by adding Webinar sessions  as activities in the daily set of learning activities. Once created, teacher and pupils enter the activity and are taken directly to the breakout webinar room, from where they can interact in real-time through a zoom-type video conference session.

Teachers can use the sessions to teach (including screen sharing), hold Q&A sessions, or hold small-group interventions. Under teacher direction, pupils can also share their screens with the class.


Adding a webinar activity

To add a webinar activity, from the classroom admin page, go to the Content tab and...

  • Click Add Activity
  • Click Live Class
  • Then enter a name for the webinar, including a time to let pupils know when to join the webinar
  • Click Create


Swiching back to learner view, you'll see the webinar activity is now listed amongst the day's learning activities, ready for teacher and pupils to join at the allotted time.


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